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e-Toll RFID Parking System

MU7M2-DEV is a UHF-RFID reader module with low power and low price including the following functions:
  1. Be able to develop into handheld readers or UHF RFID POS machines;
  2. Be an educational reader for students to learn UHF RIFD courses.
  3. Be a reader with an enhanced antenna RSUL900V0760-Y or RSUL900V0760-S-2) able to apply in e-Toll parking management.
The system includes:
  1. Ceramic antenna or Arrange in parts of polarization antenna RSUL900V0760-YRSUL900V0760-S-2
  2. Controlled electronic circuit and I/O interface;
    More detailed specifications, please download
    RFID download.
  1. Low power (200mW);
  2. Low price and Low weight;
  3. RS-232和USB輸出介面;
  4. GPIO interface;
  5. Monitoring the instructions or codes of  modules via hyperterminal.
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