Asset Tracking

The Solution of Alien Technology Corporation in Asset Tracking

The sheer volume of assets in a supply chain-many of which are reusable-is just the tip of the asset management challenge. So often timing is critical, as when a pipeline company ships components from multiple countries to a major project, with each shipment taking weeks or even months. If a crucial component misses the ship and that fact isn't discovered until unloading, then the entire project might slip weeks or months.

RFID assists in determining the location of valuable assets and the transit timing and condition, providing continual timely, actionable information. Enterprises in manufacturing, agriculture, retail, construction, equipment and fleet rentals, defense, aviation, fulfillment and more can all benefit from this ability to track, trace and know in real time.

Passive UHF RFID Offers Lower Cost Asset Tracking Solutions

Until recently, most asset tracking applications relied on more expensive active and battery-assisted systems. With Gen 2 technology maturing and more sensitive tag ICs such as the Alien Gen 2 IC available, passive technology now offers a more cost effective solution for many asset tracking applications where moderate range is sufficient. Many indoor and outdoor asset tracking applications with range requirements of 1 to 5 meters can be implemented for less with passive, Gen 2 systems.

Gen 2 tags can cost only a few percent of the cost of active tags, significantly reducing overall project budget, especially where the number of assets is high. In addition, the elimination of batteries reduces ongoing maintenance costs. Finally, where most active systems are based on proprietary protocols, the widely adopted Gen 2 standard ensures a rich array of interoperable fixed and mobile reader options, as well as multiple sources for compliant tags.