Brand Authentication

The Solution of Alien Technology Corporation in Brand Authentication

Counterfeit brands have become a sad fact of life for many industries. The apparel and entertainment industries have been particularly hard hit as counterfeit brands bleed off substantial sales and damage carefully crafted brand images. In such industries as pharmaceuticals, counterfeits also threaten consumer safety. And for unsuspecting retailers, they can pose serious liability issues.

RFID is potentially a powerful brand protection solution, capable of identifying product pedigree and ensuring brand legitimacy down to the individual item level. Because it is a cost-effective solution for automating brand authentication it is also capable of contributing to lower overall product and operational costs.

Success Drivers

Brand authentication, particularly down to the case and item level, requires the use of low cost RFID tags. Expertise in RFID label design and placement is also critical, as is the ability to interface with enterprise systems and to deploy globally.

Alien Technology provides an assortment of RFID tags and labels (including very small tags for item level tagging) and a flexible range of RFID readers/writers optimized for brand authentication-from the manufacturing line to the retailer. A spectrum of read ranges is supported, as is the ability to tag and successfully read from individual items containing liquids and metals. The ability to integrate with enterprise systems and processes is built into our RFID readers' underlying technology platform, and regulatory-compliant Alien RFID readers are available for worldwide deployment.