Emergin Applications

The Solution of Alien Technology Corporation in Emergin Applications

When it comes to compelling new applications, the RFID world is wide open. Here are just a few of the emerging applications in which Alien Technology is engaged.

Automotive assembly-Tracking Work in Progress

Automotive and other large item manufacturers are looking to RFID as a way to track manufacturing progress. For example, a tag is applied to an automobile or truck chassis on the assembly line, and as new components are added, the tag is updated to eventually reflect a finished product or sub-assembly.

Automated Self Service

Organizations are increasingly looking at RFID as a way to reliably automate self-service kiosks and gift shops in hotels, resorts, schools, airports and other public places. Small ticket items such as souvenirs and notions can be individually RFID-tagged to help automate self-checkout and payment and to avoid shrinkage.

Reusable Assets-Reusable Plastic Container Tracking

Distribution centers that perform "pick and pack" operations frequently utilize reusable plastic containers (RPCs). These can be cost-effectively RFID-tagged for reliable tracking purposes, as can pallets and many other types of shipping containers.

Package Tracking

Third-party logistics companies such as overnight shippers are investigating RFID as an inexpensive package tracking solution suitable for mass deployment. Packages and other shipments can be affordably tagged and reliably tracked and traced worldwide.