Supply Chain

The Solution of Alien Technology Corporation in Supply Chain RFID has emerged as a premier solution for tracking raw materials, work in progress and finished goods through the global supply chain. Embraced first for its cost reduction and accuracy advantages, RFID is regarded as a way to bring visibility and intelligence to the very edge of the enterprise-right down to the individual conveyor, forklift, portal, shipping vehicle and shelf. Hence in addition to reduced time and labor costs, ROI can flow from such benefits as:

  • Reduction in out-of-stock problems

  • Automated proof-of-delivery and reduced chargebacks

  • Enhanced consumer safety and reduced liability

  • Improved theft and threat protection

  • More timely and more granular business intelligence

Success Drivers

Today's supply chains are immense and complex constructs and the volume of materials and goods flowing through them is staggering. The success drivers for RFID in this dynamic environment include low-cost tags that can be produced in large quantities, interoperable and highly flexible reader solutions, compliance with regional regulatory standards to enable global deployment, and the ability to integrate RFID systems and data seamlessly with enterprise systems and overarching business processes.

Alien Technology is meeting these demands today, starting with the industry-leading Squiggle® tag, -- powered by the Alien Higgs IC, which delivers the highest sensitivity available today. Squiggle tags are the industry-leading Gen 2 tag. Alien also supplies RFID readers suited for the full range of supply chain environments, including flexible interfaces that ease integration, ensure compliance with global regulations, and ensure high read rates on difficult-to-tag materials and in noisy, dense-reader environments. Alien readers are also enterprise-ready-i.e.: optimized for integrating supply chain data into enterprise networks and processes. This includes the ability to integrate Alien readers with IBM's WebSphere 6.0 and with Microsoft's BizTalk RFID platforms, as well as a variety of independent software products in the warehouse management, manufacturing automation and supply chain management spaces.

Wrapping around Alien's technologies and products is a set of educational and professional services delivered through a robust partner ecosystem and through our own RFID Solutions Center in Dayton Ohio. In concert with these partners, Alien has been integral to numerous supply chain management implementations in multiple industries-thus building a base of practical knowledge that is available to customers seeking new supply chain efficiencies.