e-Brush Pens

Let Your Brush Pen Become a Brush Stylus !!

The Unique Brush Stylus with an invention patent is an all-in-one Brush Stylus with a painting /writing brush and a stylus. The dual use of brush pen and stylus with brush tip is the special feature of this invention. You can both paint or write with paints/ink on the paper and without paints/ink on the touch panel by the Brush Stylus. If you would like to understand more information regarding Brush Stylus, please contact us via service@raysuncorp.com

Value Proposition:

  • The unique “Brush Stylus” with an invention patent makes your brush pen into dual use of painting/writing brush and stylus with brush tip.

  • A unique invention of Brush Stylus is able to achieve writing Chinese calligraphy or painting on the touch panel as the rice paper or drawing paper.

  • The only all-in-one Stylus with brush stylus and brush pen.

  • A Brush Stylus can save costs of ink, paper or paint for learners to practice painting and Chinese calligraphy.

  • A Good Experience for users to learn or teach Chinese calligraphy or painting by computer-aided teaching/learning.

  • A Brush Stylus allows children to practice Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy without staining clothes.

  • Conveniently practicing painting and Chinese calligraphy by tablets or smart phones anywhere anytime.