We provides "hardware & frimware" solutions in UHF RFID including "Special Tag and Reader Solutions " and" inline or offline inspection & test". We are devoted to design the special tags in different applications such as "apparel handtags" with RFID inlays and "laundry tags". We also provide reader solutions for our customers in different applicaitons like "high-speed inline or offline tester", "high-speed writing EPC codes".

Reselling the famous brands of UHF RFID products such as Alien Technology Corp.and Omni-ID Corp.We resell the whole line of Alien Technology Corporation's RFID products in great China including:

(1) Alien RFID Inlays in high volumes and at low cost. The high performance Squiggle® line of tags powered by the industry leading Higgs™3 IC, is setting a new standard for sensitivity and read performance for Gen 2 tags.

(2) The Alien reader line of products offer superior read-range and software interfaces which makes it easier for

customers to take advantage of RFID reporting for LAN and WAN based networks.

(3) The Alien Higgs series tag ICs are good performance. Please see the survey report as the following:

Alien holds numerous patents and patent applications essential to tag design, reader design, RFID protocols, and tag manufacturing.

We also have OEM/ODM business in UHF RFID modules or handheld readers such as RSUL 7 module and RSUL-3000U handheld reader. The summary of the

Alien RFID Products